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June 22, 2017: Ask a friend

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Posted by: David M Patt
Researchers claim that Millennials rely on personal references for services while Boomers respond to advertising appeals.

Well, Boomers have relied on personal references for a lot of services for a very long time.

Doctors, dentists, physical therapists, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, painters, auto mechanics, landscaping companies, contractors, tailors, cleaners, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and lots of other businesses.

Reliance on personal references is not a new trend.

June 20, 2017: Dialogue or debate

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Posted by: David M Patt
Both are effective methods for getting your way.

Use whichever works best in any given situation.

June 13, 2017: Always return calls

Category: Business practices
Posted by: David M Patt

More than a week ago, I emailed a dozen places requesting information I thought they'd have. Only two emailed back. (A couple more didn't have email so I had to call. They said somebody would call back but nobody did).

My initial thought was that the ones that blew me off were a bunch of jerks. But I realized, no, they're probably just clueless.

They may not have possessed the info I wanted and didn't know what to say to me. So they said nothing.

They were wrong. Here's the proper way to handle things:

1. If you don't have the information someone requests, say you don't have it and refer the caller to another place, if you can. Don't ignore people.

2. If you don't have the information but can get it, tell that to the caller, get the info, and call back with it. Don't leave people wondering if they'll ever hear back from you.

3. If the request falls outside your area of activity, say so. And apologize for not being able to help, even if there is no reason for you to help. Don't ignore people.

4. If you think you get too many calls, improve your ability to handle the volume. Don't ignore people.

5. If you don't think people should be calling you for this information, figure out why they are and then find a way to change that.

You don't have to return unsolicited sales calls. But you do have to return everybody else's calls.

Don't ignore people.

June 10, 2017: Too much technology?

Category: Technology
Posted by: David M Patt
See what these folks have to say about that.

June 06, 2017: No lock box

Get rid of your bank lock box. You don't need it anymore.

Most people pay for memberships and conference registrations electronically. Very few pay by check.

So, save the money and turnaround time for database processing by getting your bank out of the signup loop.

June 02, 2017: A banker's viewpoint

Here's how a banker may view your organization.

May 30, 2017: Tips for young leaders

Posted by: David M Patt
Get 'em here.

May 28, 2017: Rumor has it...

Category: Stuff, other
Posted by: David M Patt
Here's a way to handle the rumor mill at work.

May 26, 2017: Non-dues revenue

"I find associations spend way too much time looking for the magic program that can drive revenue instead of focusing on the two areas that drive non-revenue programs," says Tom Morrison, CEO of MTI Management.

He suggests selecting projects that:

1. Solve a specific problem in your members' profession or business and charge for the solution; or,

2. Do things for your members that they can't effectively do for themselves.

May 24, 2017: Brand your error page

Category: Web sites
Posted by: David M Patt
Here's a great way to hold onto wandering web visitors.
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