I just returned from Kansas City MO, where I presented at the Annual Leadership Forum of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

When speaking to members about sponsor solicitation, I advised customizing their proposals and not offering levels (e.g. gold, silver, bronze) or pre-determined packages of benefits.

I also suggested structuring sponsorship from the sponsors' point of view and providing benefits the sponsor wants, not just dreaming up a bunch of stuff to sell. I also said that logos are not marketing messages.

There were a few other highlights of my stay in KC:

1. I used a hotel room iron for the first time ever. My shirt got wrinkled when packed (amazing it never happened before), so I had to iron it. It took ten seconds. BTW, the Hyatt Regency was great - it was my second stay there.

2. My glasses broke as I left my hotel room for the conference session and there was no time to find a replacement. Fortunately, I was prepared. I used my driving glasses (prescription) to view my PowerPoint and see the audience, and switched to my drug store-purchased reading glasses when I needed to glance at small print.

3. While walking back to the hotel from lunch, my kid (in Chicago) called me for driving directions. I'm his GPS and he needed to find his way to a road he couldn't locate.

All in all, a memorable trip.