A lively discussion about tattoos in the workplace is happening on ASAE Collaborate right now.

Some participants have invoked association dress codes that either prohibit tattoos or limit their visibility to what are considered "appropriate." A few worry about how tattooed staff will affect the image of the organization.

Others, whether or not displaying such markings, feel acquisition of a tattoo is a matter of personal choice. Once exec commented, "Sheesh. It's 2017, people."

Tattoos are no longer tiny imprints hidden on someone's inner thigh. Many people sport large, multi-colored artwork in very visible places. And body piercings, which are sometimes borne by the same people who opt for tattoos, are hugely popular and show themselves on many exposed body parts.

The tattoo discussion reminds me of the issue decades ago when employers looked askance at younger people's hair styles and clothes. They insisted everybody adhere to an image that had been created years before (by their parents' generation).

People who don't approve tattoos or don't like them - chill out. Don't demand that everybody look the way you want them to look. The world has changed and a lot of people show off tattoos all the time. It's no big deal.

So, hire the best staff you can find. And don't be so concerned about how they decorate themselves.